The longest running “Outdoor Haunted Attraction” in Illinois.

Over 40 years of scaring Central Illinois, the Marquette Heights Men’s Club of Central IL presents three truly horrifying events for one admission price.

These are high level intensity scares not recommended for children under the age of 13, however, we will allow all ages.

Recently ranked #13 in the UNITED STATES (2017), #1 in IL (2017), #5 in IL (2018), and #2 in IL (2019) by and Top 10 Sites to see in IL (2018), Top 5 in IL (2019) by

100% proceeds are donated back to Marquette Heights and surrounding communities.

Spook Hollow™
Spook Hollow™ Trail, the one that started it all, was originally owned by Sir Osiris. 

Osiris built a thriving empire on this land, known to have rich coal deposits deep underground. Through smart business practices, he knew he would need exceptional employees for his coal mine operation to succeed. So he built a small mining town for his workers and their families, Complete with an Industrial Building, Cemetery, Gift Shops, Food, Hotel, Saloons, and he even built himself a huge Manor. 

Osiris needed more control over his employees, he found that by hiring a right hand man, Montgomery Crescent. However, once the coal mine and town were operational, Montgomery just saw Sir Osiris as a threat. After the curious death of Osiris, Montgomery took over the coal mine, renaming it the Crescent Coal Company. He then took control over the Mining Town and the Industrial Building (now known as M.C. Nightmare) and he moved into the Manor of Osiris. Once Montgomery moved into the Manor he renamed it M.C. Manor, after himself. 

No one cared for Montgomery's stern ways over the many years he was in control and subsequently they rebelled against him and locked him in the cellar of M.C. Manor until his curious death. 

Montgomery's death caused much celebration with all that knew and disliked him. The celebration, however, was short lived. As the workers celebrated throughout the area, the coal mine collapsed, the small mining town began to fall into ruins, the cemetery was unkempt, and the town fell into disrepair. Some say that Montgomery awoke the dead from the run down cemetery after his death, to reek havoc and haunt what has been come to be known by everyone as “Spook Hollow™”. Story's have been told that you can still hear his voice, and he has cursed the hallowed grounds of Spook Hollow™ and those that speak of Montgomery, will be plagued for eternity. 

If you happen across Montgomery Crescent, be warned, "Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid!"  

M.C. Manor
The only elaborate home known to have been built on the hollowed grounds at Spook Hollow™ , and once the home of Montgomery Crescent (M.C.), taken from Sir Osiris after his untimely death. The home was built by L. Franklin Skittle, an original land squatter; Skittle designed and started the construction of M.C. Manor for Osiris with many of his trusted, dedicated crew. Over the many years of construction of this elaborate home, passages and corridors were built throughout M.C. Manor to make it simple to travel from room to room without being seen. 

Many strange and unexplainable things have been happening within M.C. Manor, since the curious death of Montgomery.  It has been said that many Haunted Spirits and Spooks began to travel these same passages and corridors immediately after Montgomery's death. Coincidence, we think not. 

If you choose to walk the halls of M.C. Manor, Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid!
M.C. Nightmare
The industrial complex owned by Montgomery Crescent would come to be known as M.C. Nightmare. Known for it's harsh work conditions and unforgiving environment, The workers inside all quickly passed shortly after the infamous death of Montgomery. Some say it is cursed by the man himself.

The maintenance team had literally 

turned into a group of clowns neglecting all of their duties. The electricians had lost their minds due to long work hours.  Numerous other employees were seen with grotesque injuries and the loss of all mental reason.

Many who enter are never seen again. M.C Nightmare will lead you through the ruins of the industrial haunt destine to claim another lost soul deep within it’s rusty walls.

Will you make it out alive? Be Afraid... Be VERY Afraid!

"The best in the area by far."
"Best haunted house I've been to!!!....and I've been to a lot!!"
"The best haunted house I have ever been to.  Entire production is top notch."
"Best haunted house in Illinois hands down."
"Great Night Out! Speed passes are definitely the way to go. We go every year and it keeps getting better and better!"
"My family & I travel all over for haunted house attractions every Oct & this year we went to Spook Hollow for the first time. It was worth the hour & half drive. It's definitely on our list to come back to next year. Lots of scares, took a while to get through it all, & just so much scary fun. 🎃 Best we've been to so far."

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$3 convenience fee for credit/debit transaction

General Admission


Speed Pass

Open the last 3 Fridays and Saturdays in October!

2021 Season Dates
October 15 & 16, 22 & 23, 29 & 30

Ticket gate is open 6:30pm to 11pm 

 Spook Hollow™ is open until the last person makes it through!
This R.I.P. Speed Pass does NOT get you instant access, but has been known to save up to 2 hour waits in the General Admission line.
The R.I.P. Speed Pass includes your General Admission ticket. The purchase of this R.I.P. Speed Pass allows you to speed past the longer lines to avoid the longer wait.
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